Equithy Review

Equithy is a comprehensive trading platform providing tools like economic calendars, trading education, trading signals, and alerts. It doesn’t require downloading and offers educational webinars. Equithy is legitimate and a brokerage firm and beneficial for traders!

Anyone can be a trader, all you need is the right attitude and access to the right type of trading tools. In this, you are responsible for your attitude. If you think you can’t bear losses and setbacks, trading might not be for you. However, when it comes to the resources, it’s your broker that has to offer them to you. So, make your choice after careful consideration. Or, you can just read my Equithy review and see how this broker can help you with all the trading resources that you could ever want.

Equithy Equips Traders With the Tools They Need For Success

It took me a great amount of time to fully test the features of this broker due to the fact that it has such a comprehensive trading platform. Let me talk about the most important features in my Equithy review.

Use Economic and ICO Calendars

Different traders need different types of trading tools. The types of tools you are going to need and use will depend on the markets that you want to explore. For example, I believe an economic calendar is great for those who are more into forex and stocks trading. They can have a list of all the events that will occur in the future and base their trading decisions on them. However, that’s not where Equithy broker stops. It goes a step further and offers you an amazing ICO calendar as well, which is more suitable for those into crypto trading.

When you are in it for crypto trading, you want to know about any upcoming ICOs. The launch of new digital currencies shows how much they will impact the existing ones or how potential the new ones are. With this tool, Equithy broker empowers crypto traders.

Benefit from Trading Signals and Alerts

You can’t deny the importance of these two of the most important tools in the world for traders. You might think that they are for basic traders, but experts use them just as much and often. What a trading signal does is that it tells you whether it would be better for you to sell an asset or buy it. It’s a result of many trading analyses performed by traders and software tools. After those processes, you get a simple signal that gives you the name of the asset, and the position should take. You can get these signals regularly depending on the account you go with when you sign up with Equithy broker.

A trading alert is much simpler. You can decide what type of market conditions are suitable for you. Once you have done that, you will get alerts when the market conditions are according to your preference.

A No-download Trading Platform

The most powerful tool that you have in your hand as a trader it the trading platform itself. This is where you get all your trading alerts, market news, feeds, and asset analyses. Furthermore, all the market charts that you should be viewing before making a trading decision are there on your trading platform. It should make you happy that Equithy trading platform is usable for traders without the need of downloading. It doesn’t occupy any space on your device and has no portability issue like desktop software or mobile applications do.

You might think a particular device is needed for this software but that’s not true. Equithy trading platform is as compatible with a computer as it is with a smartphone.

Webinars and Training Sessions

If you want to reach the heights of trading, you have to interact with those who have already touched those heights. You can’t do that through eBooks or even videos. These materials are great for learning at your own pace, but they don’t let you interact with the experts. The only way for you to interact with experts is by attending webinars or going for training sessions.

Yet again, the good news is that Equithy trading platform offers you both options and you can benefit from any you like. It has regular webinars with hosts talking about markets and giving you their insights to help you make the right trading decisions based on the market conditions.

Is Equithy Scam or Legit?

An online scammer doesn’t give you anything. It only takes things away from you. In contrast, this broker is all about giving its traders great resources so they can become professionals in no time. I think I would believe this broker without any hesitation.

Final Thoughts

How powerful you are as a trader depends a great deal on how many trading tools you can use expertly. Of course, that depends on how many tools your broker makes available for you, and as I have mentioned in my Equithy review, this broker has all of those resources for you. With such a rich and resourceful online trading platform, it’s only your decision that’s keeping you from becoming a great trader.